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  • [October, 2020: Students] We welcome Marcel Booselaar, a graduate student from Technische University Eindhoven, who will be doing his master internship in our group in a control engineering project.
  • [June 17, 2019: Students] We welcome Diana, Brenda, Raúl, Bernardo y Akira, undergraduate students who will be doing their research summer internship in our group #ProgramaDelfin
  • [May 22, 2019: Awards] Congratulation to the #BajaCalifornia #OMIBC team (Emiliano, Ximena, Diego, and Manuel)  who participated in the 24th Mexican Olympiad in Informatics! We got 2 silver and 1 bronze medals, and the 8th place in the state ranking.  The results can be checked here
  • [March 8, 2019: Awards] I am honored to receive the “Premio Municipal de la Mujer 2019” by #Inmujere Ensenada.
  • [February 22, 2019: Students]  We welcome Francisco Cruz and Eugenio Apolonio, students of Electronic Engineering from Instituto Tecnológico de Oaxaca, who will be carrying out an internship project in the field of haptics.


  • [September 25, 2018: Award] #GHC18 #WeAreHere. The conference is really amazing and big!
  • [June 28, 2018: outreach activities] Looking forward to participating with a brief introduction to Haptics in the 18th Science Workshop for High School Students 2018.
  • [May 17, 2018: Award] Wow! I got the Grace Hopper Celebration #GHC18 Faculty Scholarship. I am so excited to attend the Grace Hopper Celebration 2018 for the first time. Looking forward to meeting many talented women in tech.
  • [May 8, 2018: OMIBC] Excellent news for Baja California from the 23rd Mexican Olympiad in Informatics #OMI2018. We got 1 silver medal and 2 bronze medals in high school level, and 1 bronze medal in secondary level. Congratulations to all winners!
  • [February 13, 2018: OMIBC] The results of the 3rd Mexican Olympiad in Informatics for Primary and Secondary Students (OMIPS) have been published. We got excellent results for Baja California: 1 medal in the secondary level, and in 3 golden medals, 5 silver medals and 3 bronze medal at the primary level, category A. Congratulations to all winners!


  • [March 31, 2017: Students] Great news from the IEEE World Haptics Congress 2017! Our team has qualified for the finals of the Student Innovation Challenge 2017 with the project “Waves of Music: Feel, Hear, See and Learn”. This year the team is composed of computer science undergraduate students: Adolfo Esteban Fragoso Magallanes and Rafael Peralta Blanco; and of physics undergraduate students: Sandy González Rivera and Erik Gallardo Romero. Congratulations! We wish you a lot of success in Munich.
  • [February 21th, 2017: Publications] Our research paper “Evaluation Results of an Ontology-based Design Model of Virtual Environments for Upper Limb Motor Rehabilitation of Stroke Patients”, co-authored with C. Ramírez-Fernández, A. L. Morán, and G. Gómez-Montalvo, has been published online:
  • [January 25th, 2017: Students] We congratulate Cristina Ramírez Fernández who successfully defended her PhD thesis.


  • [July 18, 2016: Publications] Our journal paper  “Assessing the user experience of older adults using a neural network trained to recognize emotions from brain signals”, with V. Meza-Kubo, A. L. Morán, I. Carrillo and G. Galindo, has been published in Journal of Biomedical InformaticsThanks to my co-authors for this fruitful collaboration.
  • [June 22, 2016: Students] We welcome David Pérez Morales, undergraduate student from UPIITA-IPN who will be doing his research summer internship in our group.
  • [April 11, 2016: Students] Great news from the Haptics Symposium 2016! Our team has won the Student Innovation Challenge 2016 with the project “Real-time haptic enhanced tele-rehabilitation system for physical therapy”. This year the team is composed by Cristina Ramírez (PhD student) and the computer science undergraduate students Nirvana Green, David Bonilla and Oliver Pabloff. Congratulations!
  • [February 15, 2016:Students] Do you want to participate in the Scientific Summer 2016? Project information is available in the following link.
  • [January 22, 2016: Students] Great news! This is the second year our students qualify to the finals of the Student Innovation Challenge 2016 which is a competition organized within the Haptics Symposium 2016. This year the team is composed by Cristina Ramírez (PhD student) and the computer science undergraduate students Nirvana Green, David Bonilla and Oliver Pabloff. We wish the team a lot of success!
  • [November 10, 2015: Students]  We welcome Freek J. Ramp, master student from the Control and System Technology Group at Eindhoven University of Technology. Freek will be carrying out his internship in our group.
  • [October 27, 2015: Publications]  Our journal paper  “A solution for the generalized synchronization of a class of chaotic systems based on output feedback”, with Carlos Aguilar-Ibanez, R. Martínez-Guerra, C. Pérez-Pinacho and Miguel S. Suarez-Castanon, has been published in Mathematical Problems in EngineeringThanks to my co-authors for this fruitful collaboration.
  • [October 20-23, 2015: Talk, Students] Our research group is participating this week in the National Week of Science and Technology (SNCyT2015) at Museo El Trompo in Tijuana
  • [October 16, 2015: Talk] Thanks to ACCyT (Asociación Cimarrona para la Ciencia y Tecnología) for their kind invitation to participate in the 2nd. Forum “Women on Science and Technology”. This event will take place in Tijuana in March 2016.
  • [September 9, 2015: Students] Great news from Tehuacán, Puebla. The project RehabLEAP by Gilberto García y Marisol Quiroz won the 3rd place at ENIT 2015 (an innovation in technology competition). We congratulate the team that made this possible. Looking forward to the nationals in Coahuila!
  • [August 25th, 2015: Talk]  “Virtual reality technologies applied to physical rehabilitation“, invited talk at Centro Estatal de las Artes (CEARTE), Ensenada, Baja California. August 28, 2015. 19:00.
  • [August 25th, 2015: Talk]  Invited talk, Epic Queen Chapter III Ensenada, Ensenada, Baja California. August 27, 2015. 20:00
  • [July 22th, 2015: Publications]  Our journal paper  “On the effect of previous technological experience on the usability of a virtual rehabilitation tool for the physical activation and cognitive stimulation of elders” with A. L. Morán, C. Ramírez-Fernández, V. Meza-Kubo, F. Orihuela-Espina, A. I. Grimaldo-Martínez and  L. E. Sucar, has been accepted for publication in Journal of Medical Systems. Thanks to my co-authors for this fruitful collaboration.
  • [April 17th, 2015: Student] Congratulations to Cristina Ramírez (PhD Student), Edgar Barreras (MSc student) and Octavio Valenzuela (Bachelor student) for their qualification to the finals in the IEEE World Haptics Student Innovation Challenge 2015. They will present their application for the T-pad during the conference in Chicago on the 23 of June 2015. We wish you a lot of success!
  • [April 13th, 2015: Publications]  Our journal paper  “Out of context serious games: Transversal reutilization of games across healthcare domains” with A. L. Morán, F. Orihuela-Espina, V. Meza-Kubo, A. I. Grimaldo-Martínez, C. Ramírez-Fernández, J. M. Oropeza-Salas, L. E. Sucar, has been published in  International Journal of Computer Systems Science and Engineering. Special issue: New Holistic Trends in Ambiet Intelligence, vol. 30, iss. 1, pgs. 43-55, January 2015. Thanks to my co-authors for this fruitful collaboration.
  • [April 7th, 2015: Publications] Our conference paper “Haptic Feedback in Motor Hand Virtual Therapy Increases Precision and Generates Less Mental Workload” has been accepted for presentation in the Workshop on Adaptive Treatments and Therapies (WATTs), a satellite event on the 9th International Conference on Pervasive Computing Technologies for Healthcare in Istanbul on May 2015. Congratulations to my co-authors: Cristina Ramírez (PhD student) and Alberto L. Morán for the great work!


  • [February 16th, 2015: Students] Do you want to participate in the Scientific Summer 2015? Project information is available in the following link.
  • [February 9th, 2015: Students] We welcome Gilberto García García and Marysol Quiroz García, students from Instituto Tecnológico de Oaxaca, who will be doing their final year internship in our research group.
  • [February 3th, 2015: Teaching] The course pages for Discrete Mathematics (9819) and Instrumentation (9890) have been set up in