• [June 17, 2019: Students] We welcome Diana, Brenda, Raúl, Bernardo y Akira, undergraduate students who will be doing their research summer internship in our group #ProgramaDelfin
  • [May 22, 2019: Awards] Congratulation to the #BajaCalifornia #OMIBC team (Emiliano, Ximena, Diego, and Manuel)  who participated in the 24th Mexican Olympiad in Informatics! We got 2 silver and 1 bronze medals, and the 8th place in the state ranking.  The results can be checked here
  • [March 8, 2019: Awards] I am honored to receive the “Premio Municipal de la Mujer 2019” by #Inmujere Ensenada.
  • [February 22, 2019: Students]  We welcome Francisco Cruz and Eugenio Apolonio, students of Electronic Engineering from Instituto Tecnológico de Oaxaca, who will be carrying out an internship project in the field of haptics.

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