Journal Papers

Peer–reviewed Journal Papers

[J16] C. Aguilar-Ibáñez, B. Saldívar, M. Jiménez, E. García-Canseco, Rubén Garrido, “Parametric Uncertain Second-Order Linear System Output-Adaptive Stabilization: An Integral and MRCA Based Approach“, European Journal of Control, May 2020.

[J15] E. U. Gallardo, M. A. Alonso-Arévalo, E. García-Canseco, C. Aguilar-Ibáñez, “Sound model of an orchestral kettledrum considering viscoelastic effects“, Applied Acoustics, March 2020.

[J14] C. Aguilar‐Ibañez, E. García‐Canseco, R. Martínez‐García, J. C. Martínez‐García, M. S. Suarez‐Castañon, “An I&I‐based observer to solve the output‐feedback synchronization problem for a class of chaotic systems“, Asian Journal of Control, July 2018-

[J13] G. Borrego, A.L. Morán, R. Palacios, O.M Rodriguez-Elias, E García-Canseco, “A Review of Approaches to Manage Architectural Knowledge in Agile Global Software Development”, IET Software, March 2017.

[J12] C. Ramírez-Fernández, A. L. Morán, E. García‐Canseco, and J. R. Gómez-Montalvo, “Evaluation Results of an Ontology-based Design Model of Virtual Environments for Upper Limb Motor Rehabilitation of Stroke Patients”, Methods of Information on Medicine, vol. 56, no. 2, pp. 145–155, February 2017.

[J11] C. Aguilar‐Ibanez, J. Á. Acosta, J. C. Martinez‐García, E. García‐Canseco, “Adaptive output‐feedback stabilisation of an uncertain second‐order linear systems”, International Journal of Adaptive Control and Signal Processing, vol. 31, no. 5, pp. 823–832, May 2017.

[J10] V. Meza-Kubo, A. L. Morán, I. Carrillo, G. Galindo and  E. García-Canseco, “Assessing the user experience of older adults using a neural network trained to recognize emotions from brain signals,” Journal of Biomedical Informatics, vol. 62, pp. 202-209. August 2016. doi:10.1016/j.jbi.2016.07.004

[J9] Carlos Aguilar-Ibanez, R. Martínez-Guerra, C. Pérez-Pinacho, E. García-Canseco, and Miguel S. Suarez-Castanon, “A Solution for the Generalized Synchronization of a Class of Chaotic Systems Based on Output Feedback,” Mathematical Problems in Engineering, vol. 2015, Article ID 848203, 11 pages, 2015. doi:10.1155/2015/848203

[J8] A. L. Morán, C. Ramírez-Fernández, V. Meza-Kubo, F. Orihuela-Espina, E. García-Canseco, A. I. Grimaldo-Martínez, and L. E. Sucar, “On the effect of previous technological experience on the usability of a virtual rehabilitation tool for the physical activation and cognitive stimulation of elders”, Journal of Medical Systems,  vol. 39, issue 9, pp. 1-11. September 2015.

[J7] E. García–Canseco, A. Alvarez–Aguirre and J.M.A. Scherpen, “Modeling for control of a kinematic wobble–yoke Stirling engine”, Renewable Energy, vol. 75, pp. 808-817. March 2015.

[J6] A. L. Morán, F. Orihuela-Espina, V. Meza-Kubo, A. I. Grimaldo-Martínez, C. Ramírez-Fernández, E. García-Canseco, J. M. Oropeza-Salas, and  L. E. Sucar, “Out of context serious games: Transversal reutilization of games across healthcare domains”,  International Journal of Computer Systems Science and Engineering. Special issue: New Holistic Trends in Ambient Intelligence, vol. 30, iss. 1, pgs. 43-55, January 2015.

[J5] E. García–Canseco, D. Jeltsema, R. Ortega and J.M.A. Scherpen, “Power shaping control of physical systems”. Automatica. vol. 46, no. 1. pp. 127-132, January 2010.

[J4]  F. Castaños, B. Jayawardhana, R. Ortega, and E. García–Canseco, “A class of nonlinear RLC circuits globally stabilizable by proportional plus integral controllers”. Journal of Circuits, Systems and Signal Processing, vol. 28, pp. 609-623, April 2009.

[J3] B. Jayawardhana, R. Ortega, E. García–Canseco and F. Castaños, “Passivity of nonlinear incremental systems: Application to PI stabilization of nonlinear RLC circuits”. Systems and Control Letters. vol. 56, pp. 618–622, September–October 2007.

[J2] E. García–Canseco, R. Griñó, R. Ortega, M. Salich and A. Stankovic, “Power factor compensation of electrical circuits: A framework for analysis and design in the nonlinear nonsinusoidal case”. IEEE Control Systems Magazine, vol. 27, no. 2, pp. 46-59, April 2007.

[J1]  R. Ortega and E. García-Canseco, “Interconnection and damping assignment passivity-based control: A survey”. European Journal of Control, vol.10, no. 5, pp. 432-450, December 2004.

Non–refereed Journal Papers

[nrJ1]  E. García–Canseco and R. Ortega, “Compensateurs du facteur de puissance pour des charges non linéaires”. Revue de la Recherche Supélec 2006–2007.